A Little Introduction

In an effort to better relate to everyone we've decided to start blogging. Trying to connect with everyone, and share in depth what we're about can be difficult in an image or 140 characters. Strange Bird Streetwear is really all about the idea that everyone is strange to someone. Maybe a lot of people find you strange, or maybe just a few. Maybe there's a lot about you that's strange, or maybe just a little bit. Maybe you're the star quarterback on your high school's football team who is also passionate about Dungeons and Dragons, and disco. Maybe you're a soccer mom who just loves a good breakdown. We've decided to start sharing what makes us strange. We might share something you can relate to, like our favorite music and movies. Perhaps we'll share some personal anecdotes that highlight our oddness. You may think to yourself that we are really weird or you might think we're your kind of people. Either way we're comfortable with whatever you think of us. Of course we would like for people to like us, that's only normal, but if you don't we're okay with that too. We hope that maybe by sharing what makes us strange it will inspire you to not only to accept whatever is strange about you but to also embrace it.

To get started we thought we'd share just a random list of strange things about us. Some of these things we have no control over, some are just things we like or dislike, some are by choice. Before we dive in we thought we might introduce ourselves a little more. I am Katie and my brother is Kalind, or P-pain. There is four years between us. We had your average childhood. We're originally from a tiny town in New York and now were split between Seattle and Charlotte. Now to get a little more specific on what makes us strange.

1. We both have incredible memories, but don't have the same kind of memory. P-pain can remember anything to do with statistics and numbers, especially when it comes to sports and music. When he watches sports he corrects the commentators, and he's always right. He is also really good at music trivia. Even more so if it's questions like what year an album came out, how many number one singles came off it, or what kind of sales it had. I'm better at remembering names, dates, and specific facts or stories about people. Sometimes I kinda freak people out because we meet once and I can not only remember their name, but what we talked about. I'll meet someone, say a friend of a friend, and then see them again a year later and not only remember them but what their birthday is or dog's name, whatever it was we discussed. It's kinda weird how our minds work but having a really specific memory definitely comes in handy sometimes.

2. P-pain is a twin. Not only is he a twin but he is an identical twin. To be more specific, he is a monochorionic-diamniotic twin. That means that he and his twin shared a placenta but had separate amniotic sacs; not all that unusual. What is a little more unusual is that his twin is about an hour and 20 minutes older than him. The older twin, who we affectionately call Jiggs, was born naturally, while Kalind was C-section. Also they were born around noon. If they had been born on the opposite end of the clock they would have been twins with separate birthdays. That would have been extra strange.

3. This will probably be controversial but we don't like Nirvana. Listening to them feels like hanging out with the negative person all the time that drains the energy out of you. In a world where there's so much music available, why listen to the Debbie Downers all the time?

4. I don't like coffee. I don't like the taste, smell, any of the fancy drinks made from it, and it doesn't matter if it's hot or cold. I have tried it on several occasions and have never enjoyed it. Really the only hot drink I like is cocoa, and I am an expert at it.

5. Tattoos... P-pain has several. He's has a Poison tattoo, a cross, a heart, a smiley, maybe something else. I technically have one...it's a dot...on my lip...that I did myself...in 10th grade trigonometry class...clicking a pen on my tooth. Not my brightest moment. Maybe someday I'll add some real ones.

6. P-pain and I have a lot of favorites in common. Maybe its because we are siblings, maybe we just have similar interests, probably a little of both. Poison is our favorite band. We do have different favorite songs, although they are both by Poison. We're also both quite fond of Gene Wilder. There's the obvious choices like Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles, or anything with Richard Pryor. Then there's also stuff like The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother, which no one ever seems to know. We watch The Breakfast Club every time it's on and then some. We're pretty much obsessed with Tesla. We do really like the band but we mean Nikola Tesla, one of history's greatest minds.

7. We have a Christmas tradition of building gingerbread crackhouses. Sometimes they're something besides a crackhouse, but never a traditional gingerbread house.

8. P-pain basically has two nicknames- P-pain and Jimmy. I have a plethora of nicknames. Red, Taters, Murphy, any variation of Katie, or anything that can be added to Katie (Katie-did, Katie-bug). Sometimes my mom even calls me tiger. Most nicknames don't bother me but I did have a melt down once when I was a kid because of one. We were pulling into our drive one day, I was probably about four, and my dad said he had to go skin some taters. I did not realize that he was going to help my mom make a potato salad. I thought I was in trouble for something but I had absolutely no clue why. An important lesson is choosing your words.

Those are just a few of the things that makes us strange. Share with us what makes you strange!

Stay Strange,