About Us

I've always been a little different than most people. I see the world in a different way, think about things in a different way. For a while, I tried to stifle my weirdness just enough to pass as "normal". The only result of that was being miserable. Rather than try to blend in, I started to wonder what would happen if I let my oddness run wild. This led to teaming up with my brother, who has plenty of quirks of his own, to create Strange Bird Streetwear. We are strange birds. We have learned to not only accept it, but embrace it. We aim to inspire others to do the same. We find that the thing that makes someone strange is often times the best thing about them. Everyone is strange to someone. There will always be people who love you, hate you, and everything in between. Might as well let it be for who you are rather than who you think you're supposed to be. Don't be afraid to ruffle some feathers.